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Online Client Accounting

CCH iFirm Client Accounting presents the familiarity of your traditional system with the ease and flexibility of online access. Also discover a class-leading and comprehensive cloud based report writer!

Streamlined Transaction Entry

With its intuitive layout you will instantly feel at home.

Transaction entry preferences can be set up at a user level so everyone can work in the manner most efficient to them. Navigation is streamlined through the use of the 'Tab' and 'Enter' keys so your fingers rarely have to leave the keyboard.

Look up codes via number or description which is great for junior staff or if you're learning a new chart.


Information Visibility

Quickly drill down to the source of information.

With one click, expand an account to display all of the transactions which contribute towards the account balance. A further click takes you to the batch the transaction came from where you can review or make amendments.

As soon as you start making amendments to a posted batch, Client Accounting will automatically un-post it for you to ensure unbalanced transactions aren't introduced to the ledger by accident.

Every time a batch is created or edited a log is added to the ledger history. This creates an audit trail of the batch, who made the changes and when they occurred.

If there are un-posted batches in a General Ledger, Client Accounting will display a warning so these can be addressed before producing financial reports or rolling a ledger to a new year.


Chart Mapping

Client Accounting uses a 3-2 chart of accounts.

If this differs to what you're currently using – don't panic! We have options for helping you move to our chart, or chart mapping so you can continue using your current chart.

Chart mapping involves taking your current chart and mapping your codes to the equivalent codes in our chart. This lets you utilise our master reports while still using your code structure. Chart mapping can be a manual process to initially set up so its suitability is best discussed with one of our Solution Managers.


Customisable Report Layouts

We have a comprehensive range of master reports to make producing financial reports convenient.

Our master reports are NZICA FRS compliant and we maintain them on your behalf so you don't have to worry about updating them.

You're able to customise report layouts in many ways including your logo, font, colour and layout preferences. We find 90% of the requests for changes to the standard report formats can easily be achieved by customising the layout, rather than using our report writer.


Report Writer

Create your own reports with our report writer.

If you need to do something significantly different, Client Accounting has a report writer at your disposal. Access to the report writer requires additional training to ensure you can achieve your desired reports.

The report writer gives you greater control over the appearance and layout of your reports.



We've got a workpapers system that uses a program you know and love – Microsoft Excel.

Client Accounting will export all of the relevant information from the general ledger directly into a workpaper and can update it when there are changes made to the ledger. When you're finished, the workpaper will be saved back to the ledger for easy access.

Choose from a range of workpapers produced by CCH Business Fitness NZ or you can customise your existing workpapers, or even create new ones in Excel. The flexibility and power is in your hands.


Rolling Ledgers

We've improved the process of rolling ledgers by creating linking between years. Performing a ledger rollover doesn't close or lock a previous year's ledger. You can work on different year's ledgers at the same time meaning you don't have to get everything perfect before rolling a ledger.

If something is changed in a previous year's ledger, a notification will display in the current year's ledger stating that changes have been made and prompting you to reimport opening balances.


Data Source

Don't get tied down by one software system.

Getting transaction data into Client Accounting is straightforward with our .CSV file import option. This allows you to bring in transactions from a wide range of accounting software that your clients use such as Xero or Quickbooks. You can also bring in transactions directly from BankLink or MYOB.


Fixed Assets & Depreciation

Let CCH iFirm do the work.

Client Accounting can do all the heavy lifting for you as it manages fixed assets and reporting in your final accounts. Organise assets into groups and sub-groups for more detailed levels of reporting.


Easy Conversion from MYOB AO Classic

We've helped over 400 firms make the move!

Import information from MYOB Accountants Office Classic with our helpful conversion tool.

This means less hassle for you, and frees up time for other jobs.