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Consolidate your Contacts

Every CCH iFirm module runs off the same contacts database.

It's always up-to-date, and you'll never enter anything twice.

Centralised Contacts

Enter contact details once, and all CCH iFirm modules can use them.

And as soon as you update the database, it is update across CCH iFirm. All staff and team members have access to the latest contacts information.


Contact Categories

Create custom categories for clients, prospects or suppliers and tailor your communication to each.


Contact Groups

Create unlimited number of custom contact groups.

Deliver the personalised service you're admired for. Create operational groups that help you manage your workflow. Or even create marketing groups to send out targeted campaigns.


Social Communication

With built-in Skype, LinkedIn and Twitter support, your clients are always only a click away.
Simply click the icon next to their name and make a free Skype call, or initiate a conversation through the Social Network of your choice. 


Mobile Contacts

Access your CCH iFirm contacts on your phone. Wherever. Whenever.