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Online Practice Management for Accounting Firms

CCH iFirm brings you next generation, sharp and efficient practice management that is designed around jobs, workflow and resourcing. Take a fresh approach to how you charge out your time at the firm and discover healthier bottom lines and happier staff.

View this video to learn how Paul Duggan & Associates have increased efficiencies, capacities and as a result have taken on even more clients!

Job Focused

A revolutionary approach to how you get work done.

Accountants work on jobs. So it made sense for us to build our Practice Manager around getting the jobs you need to do, completed as efficiently as possible. You, and your staff, can quickly see which jobs need to be done and the order they need to be done in.

With Practice Manager, the jobs page becomes your firm's central focus, where:

  • Tabs create quick filters for easy access to jobs
  • Click on column headers for easy sorting
  • Click to drill through to the job details
  • Set up jobs individually, in bulk or even automatically.

Specify default resource allocation by client, so whenever a new job is added for a client, it automatically assigns the work for you. You can even specify minimum or agreed fees for a client which will create automatic write-ups when invoicing!


Automated Workflow

Keep staff focused by prioritising jobs.

Easily check the progress of each job and keep an eye on the ones that are overdue, completed or ready to invoice.

With your firm's workflow automated, it's quick and easy to allocate jobs, resources and the order of priority. Ensure your staff worked on jobs prioritised by their manager - zero distractions!

Depending on the security level, you may see only your jobs. Or, as a manager/director of the firm, you can view all the firm's jobs.

Easily change the job priority order for a team member by 'dragging and dropping' the different jobs.


Smart Capacity Planning

Eliminate capacity and scheduling issues to maximise your output.

Plan your workload in advance so you're never left under or over staffed. Recurring jobs can be automatically scheduled and allocated to users, making it clear how you can build your remaining workflow around these.

It's easy to take action when you identify bottlenecks by re-allocating work across users or different months.

You'll love the assurance of knowing you're equipped with the most efficient team setup, and your staff will love the reduced stress levels in the busier periods of the year!


Value-Based Pricing

Price your Jobs upfront & track your write-ons!

You can easily set up agreed fees or value-based pricing with CCH iFirm to increase your firm's cashflow. Simply choose the jobs you want to set up with an agreed fee or run your entire firm in this way.

Once you've set up your pricing model, we've made it very easy for you to bill for your work. Practice Manager encourages you to either invoice upfront for your jobs or invoice for the work as soon as the job is completed. This pricing model will greatly increase your cash flow as you don't have to wait until the job is complete to invoice and you can easily create interim invoices as you go.

In fact, Practice Manager can help you reduce write-offs in your firm and actually create write-ons.

With powerful reporting, for each job you can see how much time a similar job previously took to complete for that client. Also view all similar jobs/clients and even check to see how much you wrote on. This allows you to make sure you are setting realistic/attainable Value-Based fees.

You can also get Practice Manager to automatically apply rules you've set for your firm, such as:

  • Set an 'Agreed Fee' for a Job and automate the invoice value
  • Create a 'Minimum Fee' for a specific Job Type to automatically "write-up" at invoice time
  • Invoice text comes through automatically from the Job Type description - including merge fields populated from the jobs.


Integrated Content

CCH content built right into the job you are working on.

Practice Manager displays all the tools needed to do a job conveniently on the screen you are working on. No need to search for relevant documents – they're already there!

Workpapers and procedures are provided by CCH Business Fitness NZ – the leading supplier in New Zealand. Content is managed via the intranet and you can add your own workpapers and procedures to different job types.


Clear Communication

How many alerts do you get from your current practice management software to help manage deadlines and your resources?

Communication is critical in managing workflow and monitoring performance.

Practice Manager sends you automated alerts that are set up to follow rules (that YOU set up) to keep the team on track and keep managers informed of progress.

There are multiple types of automated alerts that you can set up, including:

  • New jobs
  • Job comment notifications
  • Variance alerts
  • Dynamic field notifications
  • Reminder emails for client notes.

By encouraging (or enforcing) this transparency throughout your firm, team members are held accountable.


Customisable Dashboard

Everything you need to know, at a glance.

With Practice Manager's customisable dashboard, you can configure it to display the information you want to know on start up. Some of the options include:

  • Recently viewed jobs
  • Top 10 overdue jobs – based on the target end date on the job
  • Top 10 work-in-progress jobs – based on the value of un-invoiced WIP per job
  • Most/Least efficient team members – based on billable hours vs expected billable hours for the time spent in the office
  • Most/Least allocated team members – based on the amount of time each team member has been assigned to work on open jobs
  • Top 10 jobs.

Quickly monitor how your firm is performing and address the issues which are costing you money!


Real-Time Reporting

Know how your team is performing, with instant efficiency reports.

Practice Manager has the ability to drill down to job, team member and invoice item to identify variance – so you can take action!

Extensive reporting has never been so easy. See exactly where things are at in your firm - identify areas needing attention.

Practice Manager has a wide range of reports to help you measure the performance of your team and your firm. All Real-Time reports include a range of filtering options allowing you to investigate a particular point in detail.

Quickly see how well you and your team are achieving KPI's, including:

  • Job Turnaround & Profitability
  • Annual Accounts Completion Rates
  • Cashflow & Revenue Analysis
  • Client Profitability
  • Work in Progress
  • Resource Usage & Allocation
  • Staff Efficiency & Productivity.

The reports are best viewed and used online, but you can also choose to print or export to Microsoft Excel.


Easy Timesheets

Easily accessible timesheets mean they actually get filled out!

Recording time to jobs in Practice Manager is made easy by allowing you to add from 'My Timesheets' page, the job you are working on or from the 'Recently Viewed' jobs list.

You can also choose to enter time as Units or Actual Time (with start & end time) and have daily, weekly & monthly timesheets views with totals. Being web-based, CCH iFirm allows you to keep your timesheet open in another tab in your browser while working on other areas in Practice Manager.

At a glance you can see where you're missing time in your weekly or monthly timesheet or immediately see where you need to increase your billable time, in order to meet your chargeable targets. From the timesheet you can also click through to the Job and the Contact for each timesheet entry.

You can use the Missing and Incomplete Timesheets Report to quickly check whether your team has completed its timesheets. You can even set the standard hours for each day of the week for each team member.


Easy Invoicing

Freedom to do what you want with your invoices.

Practice Manager makes it easy to edit your invoices as you see fit.

You have the ability to change the order of the invoice lines, add 'extra' amounts, edit text & add an additional message.

Just as you are able to automatically create Jobs individually or in bulk, you can do the same thing with your invoices to save you heaps of time.

The invoicing engine in Practice Manager is template driven which means you can use the supplied invoice templates or request customised versions to fit your specific requirements and export generated invoices as PDF documents, making it easy to email them.

Practice Manager's Invoicing section allows you to see:

  • The Budget and/or Minimum Fee set for a Job
  • The Actual WIP compared to any Write-On or Write-Off
  • Value of recent invoices for the client


Access Anywhere

The internet is changing the way we do business.

The applications your firm uses every day now are (or soon will be) hosted on the Internet and not loaded directly onto your computers.

CCH iFirm is the pioneering cloud-based solution for accounting firms worldwide who wish to take advantage of this shift in business philosophy and strategy.

Here are some of the reasons why using CCH iFirm Practice Manager will save you time and money:

  • Use it anywhere, whether working from home, a client's premises, or using mobile technology such as the iPad or iPhone
  • It makes it easy to share data with others
  • Improvements are constantly available and automatically applied, so maintenance/updates become easier and cheaper
  • You will never have to buy, upgrade or maintain your own servers to run web-based programmes.